Corporal Robinson returns to the Arena on 8/16!

That’s right, Corp will be making his return to the arena on August 16th for Velocity Pro wrestling’s Summer Bash II.  I, for one, am excited.  I’ll be seeing him wrestle at the world famous Gathering of the Juggalos next weekend along with some other talent but it’ll be good to finally have him back in the house.  Will he bring Tony or J?  Will Dyson Pryce ever made a return to JCW?  I guess you’ll just have to come on down to the New Alhambra Arena and see for yourself.  Side note, tomorrow is Jezus316′s birthday.  Feel free to meet up at the Showboat and beat the shit out of him…I mean wish him a happy birthday.  Expect a decent write up when I get home from GOTJ a week from Monday, I don’t expect it to be a tame one…

Velocity Pro Wrestling

The long awaited return of wrestling action to the New Alhambra arena culminated into a show you had to be there to believe last night. We got there a little late and missed out on Adam Flash (Who?) attacking the ref and Chris Hero coming to the rescue, but we got to see the rest of the event. I’ve seen wrestling shows as far across the country as Denver, but this was easily one of my favorite nights overall. I’ll leave a formal review up to the rest of the Mafia, but I’ll touch on a few points. I loved seeing Delirious and Claudio, we always have a great time when we see them perform. Joey Matthews however, did not seem so happy to see us. Maybe its because his biggest fan wasn’t there to cry and scream when actual wrestling happened and he lost. Whatever. I’m a big fan of Balls Mahoney. I grew up watching him in ECW and being from Jersey doesn’t hurt either. I’m pretty happy to see him back in the world’s most famous bingo hall and back together with Axl Rotten. On that note, its great to see Axl’s made a full recovery. Amy Lee looked stunning and definitely helped keep the crowd going with the help of free T-Shirts and a raffle to win Velocity Pro chairs signed by the whole locker room. I would have appreciated one since we’re not getting them from WrestleMania 25 unless we buy em off people in the parking lot (which I plan on trying to do), but I can’t complain since she threw me a shirt. On another note, the WBM logo is getting retooled to replace the logo in the middle, amongst other things going on behind the scenes. To sum everything up, Velocity Pro is one to keep an eye on. We’ll be attending “Wrestle Reality” as well but after VP’s show, they’ll have to do a hell of a lot to impress me.  Also, you can now contact each member of us directly.  Simply send an email to you favorite WBM  For me, the best ever,, the other 2 follow suit.

Site redesign coming soon, most likely

I’m getting a better idea of what I want to eventually develop this site into and I’m going to have to completely change the way it looks and learn how to effectively use HTML.  Awesome.  There will be a server change coming too, but I don’t expect much downtime, not that anyone is reading this.  Once everything is up and running I’ll probably put out an ad on Fark just to see what kind of attention we can garner.  On another note, Dizzo still needs your help.  Some money has been raised but we need to bring him home.  PLEASE visit and donate whatever you can.  If you don’t have Paypal, I’ll be more than happy to get an address for you to send a money order or cash to.

Free Dizzo!

Hey guys, lets take it to serious town for a moment.  A very good friend of the White Board Mafia is in dire need of our help.  Please, hit up and donate what you can.  ANYTHING will help the cause.  He’s one of the most awesome people we’ve ever met and we need to get him home.

Save the best for last?…

So i haven’t posted anything yet, but thats all good. I just figure that the site told me to go last. Anyway. So i essentially got a box of GOLD when i came home from job #2 the other night. My big glorious case of RockStar: Punched had finally arrived. It has been the sweet sweet jitters ever since. LoL.

So on the other side of life, i have come to the conclusion that i REALLY need to only keep positive energies in my life. Like the WhiteBoardMafia/PWU/ProWrestling in general, tons & tons of music of all genres, my friends/family, etc. I hate my one job, but it pays the necessary bills. I adore my other job, but it isn’t nearly enough to get by alone on. Kinda beat, but i am working on a positive solution for the immediate future.

There ARE however many great things ahead still. Many good concerts like Polkadot Cadaver, Chimaira, Dark Lotus, Shinedown, Gretchen Wilson, Kid Rock/Lynyrd Skynyrd, Clutch (on my birthday, and the ensuing activities before and after) among a few others yet to be purchased im sure. There is Wrestlemania 25 in the far away future, but its in my home state of Awesome…i mean Texas. Same difference really. I am going on vacation SOMEtime this summer to Austin, getting my tattoos finished, maybe get some new ones as well. Who knows? But at least there’s all of that to SERIOUSLY look forward to.

In the meantime…back to job #1.

Until next time,


Wizard World/Kaiju Big Battel

Hello all. Its been a bit too long since we last saw each other. This weekend was Wizard World Philadelphia. Its a huge comic book convention that goes from city to city. I was unable to go on Friday due to work, but Saturday and Sunday were a blast. I met up with Toxik, of PT fame, and his girlfriend Friday night and headed off to Pat’s King of Steaks. 9th and Passyunk is where its at, unless you know about Jim’s on South. Word. After Toxik’s wig was split, then blown off, we headed down to the United Artist Theater on Delaware Ave to go see The Strangers. It was a decent movie but it almost had a haunted house feeling to it due to all the screamers in the audience. Since I didn’t care too much, the only guy to ruin it was the one that kept screaming OMFG. Lame. Sweet night. We split up after going back to his hotel so we could get some sleep.

I woke up around 6am on Saturday and just about rolled from bed to the shower. I made it to the Pennsylvania Convention Center around 7:50am. I texted Toxik a few times, but his phone was on silent. They let the VIP guys in, thats me, around 8:30ish. I checked in and got my heavy bag of Star Wars goodies and headed upstairs to line 2. Toxik and his girl showed up about a half hour before doors opened. The guy behind us kept asking Toxik about his leg, which is full of awesome Iron Man ink. That reminds me I forgot to get pictures of it. Every time the cost/time was mentioned the guy physically cringed. Anyways, we got in and I quickly realized I wasn’t bringing much home at all. I ended up nabbing 2 of the limited to 3,000 Alternate Universe Zoidberg figures. They’re from the episode where everyone traveled to alternate universes through the boxes, awesome episode. We also split a set of Skrull drawings from the Who Do You Trust series. We attended the Cup o Joe seminar headed by Joe Quesada. It was basically a huge Q&A session. Quesada is a funny guy. Lots was revealed including Marvel Zombies 3 in September, Lady Bullseye is coming, and they’re turning The Stand into a comic. On the way out they gave a print of some artwork from The Stand to everyone attending, even the asshole that won the 18K gold Iron Man phone. We went out to King of Prussia to get dinner and do some shopping, then called it a night.

I actually overslept, as expected, on Sunday. I got there about half an hour before doors opened. I had to explain the whole White Board Mafia thing to the creepy guy behind us in line who just didn’t get it. We played the Wheel of Doom and only got some comics, nothing sweet. The guy behind us got this awesome Chewbacca stature. Me wanty. We had out Secret Invasion #1 comics have customer covers drawn by the artist that drew those Skrull deals we got the day before. After that, we pretty much left. Toxik and his girl left, and I went to Kaiju Big Battle.

The Kaiju show was pretty good, as I expected. I was falling asleep so I slammed a Red Bull and vodka to keep going. The matches were only about 7-12 minutes and that surprised me. I was pumped to see Chris Hero since I haven’t seen him in a while. He ended up losing to American Beetle. The only satisfaction I took from that was it shut up all the people chanting for CZW. I’m not a fan of that company and thats pretty much all I’ll say. I’ll up pictures to the server later, until then, check out the Kaiju ones here. I’ll probably also end up editing this at some point with details I forgot/fucked up. All in all it was an awesome fucking weekend and I can’t wait for next year’s. Toxik mentioned some ill stuff about Fort Mifflin, so we’ll be headed over there next time he comes down.

I also wanted to take the time to mention at PWU will be doing shows with another company and they’ll be held at the Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ. Thats the White Board Mafia’s member’s hometown. Know about it and come on out. Until next time, keep it awesome.

Oh Shit! Search Engine Optimization!

‘sup Mafiosos and Mafiettes… does that sounds cool? I mean, it’s a work in progress, but the Juggalos got the Juggalettes… so I was thinking Mafiettes… y’know, screw it, I’m not here to talk about that.

I just Googled “White Board Mafia” for the hell of it, see if this site is coming up. Well, not only is this site coming up, but it’s the NUMBER ONE SEARCH RESULT ON GOOGLE! Even topping Jezus316′s Myspace. This is pretty freakin’ cool I think. So when the Mafia tracers are out there, spreading the myth of the WBM, peeps are gonna type in “White Board Mafia” in their little Google searches and THIS PAGE is gonna come up! That’s pretty damn awesome!

Also, while you Mafia plants are out preaching the gospel of the WBM, be sure to direct your homies to and see if we can’t get my Myspace up with Jezus316′s, give everyone as much overall Mafia as they can handle!

Anyway, it’s almost 2 AM and I got work tomorrow, also pissed that I didn’t see Indiana Jones 4 tonight because it was waaaaaay oversold, bastards. Anyway, time for sleep, word I’m out!

Boomaga can has intro?

Check out this sweet intro made by Boomaga. I’ll be on my way to Denver in a few hours, maybe I’ll update from out there. Intro

White Board Mafia, (un)live and direct!

Here is the initial White Board Mafia podcast gimmick, starring yours truly, Counterfeit God. 4 tries later and I have a terrible product high school kids would probably be ashamed of. To listen to me ramble on and force my opinions on to you, check..check it out. Initial Broadcast


I can has post?

OOOOOOH Yeah, Boomaga posting here, FISRT TIME on the new White Board Mafia website/blog/podcast/chicken and waffles stand, yeah. Oh yeah, that Jezus 316 might think he holds the power, yeah, but he will be sorely mistaken, yeah, NO, he’s like some kind of Counterfeit Diety, yeah. He holds NO scepter of power, yeah, only the MACHO MAN BOOMAGA holds the keys to the kingdom, yeah. He doesn’t hold anything, yeah, ‘cept his junk when he’s being creepy, yeah. Talkin’ bout stalking Topanga and all that, yeah. SO PREPARE FOR UNLEASHED AWESOMENESS, yeah, because I got that Boomaga Madness, yeah, BOOMADNESS as some people would call it, yeah. So remember, Jezus 316 ain’t NOTHIN’, yeah, only the Macho Man Boomaga has the power to lead the White Board Mafia, yeah, and DON’T FORGETTIT! OOOOOOH YEAH!!!

 Oooh Yeah!


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